7 Quick Tips to Tell if your Argan Oil is Impure


I hope you're in a good place now, as our intention is to help you decide on the many Argan oils out there (even if you're in Morocco!).

Yes, it can be difficult to know what to look for when selecting an Argan Oil at first.

No worries! Our family has put together something quick and easy that will help you decide what's best for you and your loved ones! :)

Here are 7 quick tips from us to get the best Argan for your bucks!

#1 Packaging: Light breaks down the oil's best properties, so it's best to find Argan Oil sold in a non-see-through, glass bottle.

#2 Texture: Argan Oil should be smooth, thin, non-sticky, and not watery. Argan should not burn or sting your skin (if it does, discontinue immediately). When applied to skin or hair, the oil should be easily absorbed.

#3 Ingredient: Simply put - There should only be 1 ingredient. 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (100% Argan Oil). No mixing involved!

#4 Colour: For Cosmetic Argan Oil, it should be transparent, light yellow/gold in colour. Culinary Argan Oil has a deeper gold colour.

Moroccan Souq Cosmetic Argan Oil - Light Gold Colour

#5 Scent: Cosmetic Argan Oil varies with the seasons, so it has a light (almost odourless) to a deeper natural scent. Remember, if the cosmetic argan oil smell is "too strong", you may be holding on to the Culinary Argan Oil and lose the anti-aging properties. If it smells really bad, it may probably turn rancid. 

#6 Sediment: Don't press the panic button just yet - There may naturally be tiny, cloudy-looking sediments at the bottom of the bottle. Just let it settle to the bottom, as this is perfectly normal.

Argan Oil

#7 Price: I kid you not - Being a labour intensive process, there is no such thing as cheap Argan. The price also varies for Cosmetic and Culinary Argan Oil. Cosmetic Argan Oil fetched a higher price as compared to a Culinary Argan Oil due to the complexity of extracting raw oil from the argan nut. To get the best properties of Argan Oil, refrain from buying mixed oils. Remember to pay for the price of the oil and the labour intensive process behind it, not for the fanciful expensive packaging.

Hope you find the information beneficial. You can also check Moroccan Souq's range of 100% organic for your cosmetic purposes and culinary consumption. 

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