About Us

Marhaba! Moroccan Souq is a ACRA-registered company in the Republic of Singapore.

We are a Moroccan-Singaporean family with 3 beautiful children. As our Moroccan family is mostly artisans, we specialised in handmade Moroccan's men clothing (made by our own family!), also known as 'Djellabas', and sold them in Morocco and Singapore. We personally brought our family's Organic Moroccan Honey, custom made our very own Moroccan Honey Sticks, and Singapore's First Handmade Argan Lip Balms.

However, the family business is not complete without our signature product - Moroccan Souq's Argan Oil!

Moroccan Argan Oil Collection

 We truly loved Moroccan Argan Oil (yes, it's been around for centuries!) that it is a MUST HAVE in every home.

 We want you to experience what we loved for ourselves. All our products are 100% certified organic by ECOCERT and USDA, hand-harvested, first cold-pressed, ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% halal products.  

We provide Quality Authentic Moroccan Products to everyone who wants to share the Moroccan experience with us!

 From one family to another, Chokran Bzaff!

 Moroccan Souq Family