5 Argan Oil Myths Debunked

Moroccan Argan Oil, also known as "the elixir of beauty" or "liquid gold" has been around for centuries. But what's stopping people from getting the true benefits of Argan Oil? 

Let's put aside the misconceptions and explain what you've been missing out on!

argan tree in morocco

Myth #1: I CAN smell it, this is definitely the best (and legit!) Argan Oil

This is definitely at the top of the list, brothers and sisters!

Do you smell it to believe it?

Fact: Don't be fooled - You may be sniffing on Culinary Argan instead of Cosmetic Argan Oil, and be losing out on its anti-aging properties.

You should avoid using Argan Oil that smells extremely nutty for cosmetic use. This may be the culinary version which exudes a more nutty aroma as the Argan nuts are lightly roasted.

Cosmetic Argan Oil, on the other hand, has a light (almost no smell) to a natural scent. Every Argan Oil varies with the season, and it ranges from a very light aroma to a deeper natural scent. 

Myth #2: First Cold-Pressed. Huh?

Fact: It is wise to err on the side of caution. In Moroccan Souq, there is no such thing as second cold-pressed. All our Argan Oil are cold-pressed (once) in Morocco, tested and certified, and bottled just for you. 

argan nut and kernel

Myth #3: Cheap Cheap CHEAP Argan!

Fact: Yeah, we all love a good deal. But there's no such thing as "cheap argan". It may probably be diluted with other oils and/or have a small percentage of argan in it. To produce 1 litre of argan oil, 25 to 30 kg of argan fruit (an estimated 2.25 kg of argan kernels) is needed.

The process of cracking open the argan kernels can take up to 20 hours in order to extract and produce 1 litre of oil laboriously done by our Moroccan women cooperatives (phew, now that's hard work!).

 Myth #4: Argan Tree is a Holy Tree

Fact: The majority of the population in Morocco is Muslim. Islam is a monotheistic religion, and the Argan tree is not considered holy to the people of Morocco or the religion.

Myth #5: Argan oil is made from spitted or defecated argan fruits

We saved the best for last!

Fact: Spitted or defecated argan fruits eaten by goats that climb the argan trees are not used for commercial purposes. No goat (or other animals) are harmed to produce Moroccan Souq's Argan Oil. Our Argan Oil is certified organic and underwent a thorough laboratory test to ensure the amazing properties are preserved to the highest standard and quality.

goat on argan tree

Now that you have read the myth debunked, let's see how Moroccan Souq's Argan Oil are made here.

Moroccan Souq's Argan Oil Collection