5 Things You Don't Know About Argan Oil

What's all the hype over Moroccan Argan Oil? Surely, with the buzzword "Liquid Gold" circulating everywhere over the years, you will be hearing a lot more on the health and benefit of Argan Oil. 

But how much do you know about Argan Oil?

We're here to help you know more about the 5 things you might not have known about Argan Oil!

#1 - It has been used for centuries

  •  Even though it's only been introduced on the international market in the past couple of years, Argan Oil has been used for centuries by Berber women (and men!) as part of their beauty regimes and delicious cuisines.

#2 - It's called 'Liquid Gold' for a reason

  • Argan Oil is produced from the kernels of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa) which can only be found in Morocco. Because of the rarity of Argan Oil, Moroccan Argan forests have become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • It can take up to 20 hours to crack open the argan kernels to extract and produce 1 litre of oil laboriously done by female-owned cooperatives.

Cracking Argan Nuts in Women Cooperatives | Morocco

  • This also means that it takes one woman three days to make just one litre of oilDue to this arduous process, "Morocco's Liquid Gold" is incredibly valuable and unique.

#3 - One Oil Suits All!

  • Argan Oil knows what your skin needs. Not only it is suitable for all skin and hair types, but it also adapts to different skin conditions.
  • It hydrates dry patches, moisturise, and smoothen skin while balancing oily areas to minimise unnecessary sebum production.
  • Non-comedogenic: For acne-prone skin, it does not clog up pores.

#4 - It has endless uses!

  • Rich in skin-loving nutrients and complexion boosting benefits, it is packed with high content of Vitamin E, essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid, and Omega fatty acids which are easily absorbed, prevent skin damage and premature ageing, moisturise and restore youth elasticity. 
  • Moroccan Souq's tagline - "Head to toe, belly to babies." From men, pregnant mamas, women in general, and babies - the Argan Oil got you covered for the whole family.
  • A single bottle of Argan Oil can be used as a facial moisturiser, serum, balm, make-up remover, chapstick, etc! Your skin is drenched in goodness with every drop.
  • Consume Argan Oil orally. Read more about it here.

#5 - Goats love them, and so will you!

Goats on Argan Trees in Morocco

  • No, your eyes aren't going baa-ad! This is picture-worthy! Tourists flock to get photos of goats on the Argan trees. The goats climb onto the trees to munch on the nutritional Argan (hard shell and fruity pulp). The goat will then spits out the Argan nut.
  • You can be assured that Moroccan Souq has the best quality, organic certified Argan Oil for your cosmetic purposes and culinary consumption.

 Moroccan Souq's Argan Oil Collection in Singapore